Changing Times…………for The Better!

Posted: 12/7/18 10:07 AM, In category: Uncategorized

High Quality, Value For Money Outdoor Storage We close 2018 and look back on a turbulent year in many ways. We still do not know whether BREXIT will happen and how it will affect any of us! The weather has hit extremes and has heavily affected the garden industry. Just as we were looking to […]

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Gorgeous Gardens

Posted: 10/25/18 4:32 PM, In category: Uncategorized

Comprehensive Range of High Quality Metal & Plastic Sheds, Workshops & Garages, Outdoor Storage Buildings Although we get the majority of pleasure from our gardens during the summer, each season has its own beauty, and autumn in particular offers colourful visuals and a heady aroma. As the leaves coat the ground, with shades of golden […]

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The Many Benefits of a Shed

Posted: 09/6/18 1:49 PM, In category: Uncategorized

Practical & Functional Steel Outdoor Buildings, Plastic Garden Storage Sheds with Windows & Skylights David Cameron certainly loves his sheds! Not only did he invest a fair amount of money into buying a shed in 2017 [naming it the ‘shepherd’s hut’], he obviously felt it worked for him. He bought his original shed as a […]

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Sheds – Coming to a Town Near You!

Posted: 08/30/18 2:32 PM, In category: Uncategorized

Metal, Plastic & Timber Sheds, Outdoor Storage Solutions, Garden Buildings, Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Storage Sheds   Men’s shed associations are developing all over the UK, which is great news for shed group members, meaning they can form friendships and spend many happy hours in good company. The UK Men’s Sheds Association recently appointed a […]

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Wooden you know it!

Posted: 06/29/18 2:09 PM, In category: Uncategorized

Apex Roof Timber Garden Sheds & Outdoor Buildings, Long Lasting & High Quality   Wood is the material of choice for many when choosing a new garden shed, preferable to metal or plastic for a number of reasons. The type of wood varies, but usually softwoods like pine or spruce are used. Larch or Douglas […]

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Shed Happens!

Posted: 06/23/18 3:43 PM, In category: Uncategorized

Sheds, Garden Storage Shed, Metal, Plastic & Timber Outdoor Buildings, Secure Lockable Doors This is the amusing but very appropriate title of a radio program on Frome FM 96.6, which demonstrated over several shows the popularity of the men in sheds movement. Based on health and wellbeing it promoted the wonderful benefits of men’s sheds […]

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Choose a Secure Metal Shed

Posted: 06/20/18 7:25 PM, In category: Uncategorized

Metal Garden Storage Sheds, Steel Reinforced Outdoor Buildings, Metal Storage Solutions   Motorbike’s are loved by many as a way to experience the freedom of the open road, but It’s no fun getting your beloved motorbike stolen, which is why you should make secure storage a priority. You can approach motorbike security from a number […]

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Versatile and Functional Metal Sheds

Posted: 06/12/18 7:59 PM, In category: Uncategorized

Quality Range of High Specification Metal Sheds, Superior Steel, Metal Shed Range in Green & Anthracite Grey We’d like to remind you why a metal shed could be the answer to your garden storage dreams! Unrivalled Durability When it comes to strength and durability, metal sheds are hard to beat, making them great for protecting […]

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Another Great Range Of Metal Sheds From

Posted: 06/4/18 5:25 AM, In category: Uncategorized

Quality Range of High Specification Metal Sheds We continue our endless expeditions into the market of metal shed manufacturing around the world! We have written on so many occasions in the past about how manufacturers have been forced into reducing the specification of their products in order to retain the loyalty of their customers who […]

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A Prince Among Sheds!

Posted: 03/20/18 10:59 PM, In category: Uncategorized

Wide Range of Plastic Garden Sheds & Outdoor Storage Buildings, Steel Reinforced Heavy Duty UPVC Sheds Plastic sheds have really made their mark on the world of outdoor storage, which was once dominated by the timber version. There are several reasons why UPVC sheds have come into their own in recent years, and here are […]

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