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The Lotus shed range by Globel, received some very good press after Robert Hall encountered it at our Store More Trade stall at the last GLEE Gardening Trade Exhibition in Birmingham. In preparing his review, he wanted to know all about this impressive looking light clad metal shed, and of course we had all the answers! One of the questions was ‘what do you look for when buying a metal shed, along with what to avoid’. These questions were of course music to our ears, as we believe the Lotus shed has many of the qualities we look for in a shed.

Some of the qualities found in these sheds include:-

  • Highest specification lightweight garden shed
  • A single base rail for strength
  • A steel cladding thickness of 0.30mm
  • Box section steel internal construction as opposed to L shaped or angled
  • Tallest wall height available
  • Well designed and stable door assembly
  • Integral ventilated gables
  • Attractive colours like mist green, heritage green and anthracite
  • Choice of sizes and specifications
  • Value for money
  • Ideal for use on caravan sites
  • User friendly informative assembly instruction manual

You also get an excellent 15 year manufacturers warranty with Lotus sheds, but they will more than likely provide a high performance storage solution for many more years. They are the product of cooperation between a factory with brand new steel rolling equipment, and a research team with expert knowledge of shed manufacture. In addition to functional garden buildings, Lotus sheds are popular as storage for caravan parks due to their non combustible nature, a compulsory requirement. Also perfect for coastal locations where corrosion can be a problem as a result of salt sea air, as these sheds are rust free. They look the part in a smart holiday setting too!

You can read Robert’s glowing review about Lotus sheds in the Garden Site blog.

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