A Shed for All Seasons

Posted: 12/15/15 8:18 AM, In category: Uncategorized

Light Clad High Specification Metal Sheds, Range of Sizes, Value For Money Prices, Outdoor Storage Buildings

At SM Garden Sheds, we are committed to giving our customers what they want in an outdoor storage shed or garden building. We have a vast knowledge of the products we select for inclusion amongst our range, and are confident that we can answer most of the questions we get asked.

People wonder which is the best shed for their needs, and like to know the pros and cons. We are delighted to help customers decide by walking them through our selection of high performance garden sheds. We regularly include articles on our website, focusing on a particular product or range and guiding customers through some of the finer points of our outdoor storage to help with your decision.

For instance, when it comes to metal sheds, we have selected what we believe to be an exceptional range of options. As we brace ourselves for another UK winter, SM Garden Sheds offer garden storage buildings which perform well whatever the time of year, and at extremely pocket friendly prices. Within this variety you will find the Lotus range of light clad metal sheds with specifications that make it stand out from the crowd. Smart and attractive in shades of green or grey and cream, Lotus sheds are designed for durability with their high grade .3mm hot-dipped galvanised steel profile. A range of sizes are available, and smaller versions of these sheds are ideal for use in caravan parks especially in coastal holiday locations, where a rust free product is preferable, and a non combustible one compulsory.

Their ease of assembly adds to the desirability of these storage sheds, and Lotus have taken time to ensure that constructing your shed is more of a pleasure than a task. A handy video guide has been produced in the unlikely event that you are still left scratching your head! The door glide mechanisms on these models have been designed to provide the smoothest performance possible. With the tallest wall height, ventilated gables, colour coded door handles, and superior bracing these functional sheds come in sizes ranging from 4×6 to 10×12 suiting every storage requirement.

Ease of Assembly, Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Profile, High Performance Door Glide & Ventilated Gables.

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