A Short Walk to the Office

Posted: 05/10/12 2:39 PM, In category: Uncategorized

Have you ever wished you did not have to make the daily journey to and from work? You could save time, money while lowering your blood pressure levels by working from home instead. If you don’t have space or there are too many distractions why not consider transforming your garden shed into your very own office. More and more people are making this solution work for them.

Whether driving or using public transport, travelling to work can be expensive and frustrating, leaving you tired and fatigued before you even start your day. If driving, stress levels rise as you try to find a parking space in order to arrive on time. Delays are also a frequent occurrence on public transport. If self employed, your business premises have to be paid for along with utility charges, insurances, maintenance, cleaners and food.

Working from your garden shed will keep overheads low and ensure greater returns. There are also tax advantages involved in working from your shed. You can decorate your shed office to your liking and work in peace and quiet, with the odd break to nip into the house for lunch.

If you are unsure why not ease into it gently by working from your shed on a part time basis at first. Garden sheds and garden storage of all styles and sizes are available at amazing discount prices from SM Garden Sheds. We also offer a great selection of quality unwrapped sheds with a fantastic 35% off, a five year warranty and free delivery to most of mainland UK. Unwrapped metal or plastic  sheds can be fitted with additional windows and skylights giving you extra visibility and light. Call for more information on 0845 601 6299

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