Another Great Range Of Metal Sheds From

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Quality Range of High Specification Metal Sheds

We continue our endless expeditions into the market of metal shed manufacturing around the world!

We have written on so many occasions in the past about how manufacturers have been forced into reducing the specification of their products in order to retain the loyalty of their customers who will move away from them in the name of price. While the UK is a very price sensitive market, there reaches a point where the product becomes unserviceable if the guts have been taken away. This has been true in timber sheds where the large retailers are now selling paper thin timber sheds, just to show a price point. They may sell initially on price alone, but after a while the market becomes wiser and more ‘savvy’. For those who follow our articles and our facebook page, you will know we have referred to this on many occasions.

Superior Steel, Light Clad Garden Storage Buildings

Metal sheds have been stripped in the same way. This is why our buyers wish to retain our unique selling position in this market of selling the best in a category. If a product fails to meet our expectation of high quality we will not include it in our range.

In light clad metal sheds it was who introduced a new and better quality range (LOTUS) which has taken the market by storm. The impact of that range of sheds, exclusive to Store More Garden Buildings, has forced others to sit up and take notice. Another established manufacturer with whom we have had dealings for many years have upgraded their model range to include similar specification materials. AT LAST the market is responding in the opposite direction and are now upgrading instead of de-specing!

The SAPPHIRE METAL SHED RANGE offered in Green and Anthracite Grey

This range allows us to expand our offer in this area of garden buildings where we are regarded as specialists in the business and we are delighted to introduce it to our customers. The steel cladding, so often too thin, now matches our desired specification of .33mm thickness allowing us to suggest that this is a robust product. Our research and development team have tested the product with their immense experience and have recommended its inclusion. AND it is supported by a manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years.

Commencing with a single sliding door the 5×4 model to 6 feet, 8 feet and 10 feet fronted buildings in a variety of sizes up to the largest, 10×10. The apex roof sheds in this product range are trimmed at the door opening with an attractive white surround.

Comprehensive Assembly Instructions & Friendly Advice

The instructions for assembly are comprehensive and have been developed over a long period of servicing many thousands of customers. If a customer has a problem, phone us and we will help you. If there is a damaged part during assembly, we can replace it. We are here to help as we have assembled this and other similar products over many years. All the parts are machine manufactured and holes are automatically programmed and pre-punched by highly sophisticated machinery. The parts do go together but do not pre-judge the building until the assembly process is completed as the parts are inter-dependant to make a complete structure.

We read and understand how the retail industry has to adapt to the modern marketing tools and to changing attitudes. The consumer enjoys an ‘experience’ in making a considered purchase but having made the decision to buy and having processed a payment, he wishes to enjoy receiving a purchase which matches his expectation.

Versatile, Weatherproof & Low Maintenance Garden Sheds

This is a storage building which will not suit everybody. A shed like this is a storage product made from materials which have resistance to most weather conditions and although the handles allow the application of a padlock, it cannot be described as a secure means of storing valuable items. For example, if a customer wishes to store an expensive bicycle without any other means of security, this is not a suitable solution. It will, however, serve to store garden tools and other household items which can reasonably be stored in a structure in the garden or yard.

The building, once assembled, will require minimal maintenance as it is made of steel. The material needs no treatment and will not rot. There are moving parts in the doors which may require a small amount of periodical lubrication and to be kept free from leaves and other debris. The shed can be cleaned and wiped down from time to time, particularly after the winter, to maintain its appearance.

Another great product range from!

Quality Range of High Specification Metal Sheds, Superior Steel, Light Clad Garden Storage Buildings. Metal Shed Range in Green & Anthracite Grey, Comprehensive Assembly Instructions & Friendly Advice. Versatile, Weatherproof & Low Maintenance Garden Sheds

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