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High Quality Metal & Plastic Sheds & Outdoor Storage Buildings, Wide Range of Sizes & Specifications


With the internet becoming a firm part of everyday life for most people, we have begun to change the way we do things. This is particularly noticeable within the retail world, where there is now a sort of collective growing awareness amongst the population. The buying public no longer have to trawl through the phone book and ring around a number of shops or travel some distance to enquire about products. In the case of garden sheds, choice at one time was extremely limited, and a visit to any group of shops when looking for a shed or outdoor building often ended in frustration and tired legs! It was also difficult to get an idea of the complete range offered, and all in all, before the birth of online shopping, purchasing a shed required time and money.

Most reputable companies offering outdoor storage these days have a website displaying a comprehensive range of the products they supply. We can sit at home with a coffee, or browse online stores via our mobiles while travelling to work. We can look at images, check specifications, compare price, read general information, look at delivery, contact the company and purchase. This can all be done now in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours or days. Customers can also search the internet for customer reviews either about the product or the company. All of these factors has had a positive influence on many businesses, who have had to up their game. Increasing competition amongst suppliers of things like garden sheds has produced a more discerning group of customers in the UK, many of whom are not fooled by unbelievably low prices and empty promises. They are able to quickly source high quality products at discount prices, from reputable companies. While this is bad news for some shed suppliers, it is extremely good news for us at SM Garden Sheds, where excellent quality is teamed with competitive prices.

Our Lotus range of sheds and outdoor buildings are the highest specification light clad sheds on the market, available from us as apex or pent roof in a variety of sizes. They have exceptional qualities of strength and durability with hot dipped galvanised 0.3mm steel construction, ventilated gables and tall walls. These sheds come in three attractive colours being mist green, heritage green and slate grey presenting an elegant look in any garden, and superior security comes as standard with these metal sheds.

Lifetime plastic sheds are also in a league of their own, designed with features which excel like double skinned cladding, powder coated steel reinforcement and integral anti slip floor. These UPVC garden storage buildings come in a huge choice of sizes and specifications to suit every storage need. Call SM Garden Sheds for more information on 0845 601 6299

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