Changing Times…………for The Better!

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High Quality, Value For Money Outdoor Storage

We close 2018 and look back on a turbulent year in many ways. We still do not know whether BREXIT will happen and how it will affect any of us!

The weather has hit extremes and has heavily affected the garden industry. Just as we were looking to see the back of a pretty bleak winter with an optimistic start to the season, we were hit in March by the ‘Beast from the East’ and by July after two months of high temperatures, it became too hot and many of our potential customers could not think beyond spending on cold drinks!
In addition, we have suffered some disruption in our supply chain. This is the lifeblood of our operation and as closely as we attempt to work and communicate with our partners around the world, there are events that occur which catch us completely by surprise.

For those who read these pages on a regular basis, you will know that we do not attempt to follow the herd but try to bring products to the market which exhibit points of positive difference. This view presents products which may not be the cheapest around but present the best ‘value’. So, when we have a ‘hiccup’, to find replacement products quickly is more difficult.

Changes in Shed Manufacture

It has been for many years that the retail industry has imposed such onerous terms on their suppliers that something has to give! This has usually resulted in manufacturers saving cost by introducing efficiencies into their operations AND also examining where they can reduce the cost of materials. If one wished to purchase a ‘value’ timber shed in a major DIY store 10 years ago the thickness of the timber panels and general quality would have been far better compared with doing the same today. There has been a drive to maintain a competitive edge which is completely driven by price. The end result is that the customer receives a lower grade product which ultimately will last for a shorter time, will not look as good, and the quality of the ‘buying experience’ will be reduced.

Exactly the same process has occurred with metal products as manufacturers old and new have ‘de-specced’ in the name of price. This has resulted in using thinner steel, sometimes only with an electro-galvanised coating which allows the steel to rust very quickly. Unfortunately, too many metal products have fallen into this trap.

Robust, Long Lasting Light Clad Steel Storage Buildings

The team at have become specialists in this particular category of metal sheds with over 40 years’ experience from the establishment of UK manufacturing to spreading across the world to find the best that is around. We have seen many changes and have fought against what has seemed to have been the inexorable decline in quality across the board.

BUT, are we seeing a reverse in trend at last? It is 5 years since we introduced the LOTUS shed to the UK having spent 2 years involved with a factory in research and development. We wished to bring our experience over such a long period to a product in which we had a say in its final quality and appearance. The same happened with like-minded organisations around the world which resulted in a range of light clad steel storage products which took the industry by storm. We enter 2019 with a new and larger facility, with new machinery in place which has again, introduced better features, including more ventilation (to reduce condensation) and hot dipped galvanised heavy gauge framing throughout.

Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Garden Sheds

When we introduced this new concept in a traditional product in 2014, we believed that it would have an influence on the market. As sales increased around the world, other manufacturers were beginning to lose market share.

The SAPHHIRE group of metal storage products was introduced early in 2018 using .30mm steel (.33mm finished) which has made a massive difference to already established models. This thickness of hot-dipped galvanised steel for cladding is now standard across all metal storage products from storage boxes to the OLYMPIAN garage which has, over some time, become a best seller.

Versatile and Attractive Range of Metal Garden Storage Products

The LOTUS and SAPPHIRE ranges of metal storage products present the most comprehensive choice of models and sizes to a level of quality which is setting a new benchmark of acceptability across many sectors of the retail gardening industry. Not only is there a vast range of sizes across the two ranges, they are sold with different wall heights from as low as 122cms up to 2 metres.

The LOTUS range has a distinctive identity – The range is now offered going forward in SOLID COLOURS (with no cream trim). The colour range will be extended to include HERITAGE GREEN, ANTHRACITE and now, ALUMINIUM WHITE (arriving in January 2019.)

The SAPPHIRE range features a white trim also offering a distinctive appearance. The wall heights in this range are generally lower than the Lotus products, which may be suitable for many locations.

In these illustrations we point out many of the key features which distinguish these similar products from many of ‘the rest’.

Are we seeing a change in trend or this an exception? We shall see but whatever happens to the rest, these remain the best!

High Quality, Value For Money Outdoor Storage, Robust, Long Lasting Light Clad Steel Storage Buildings. Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Garden Sheds, Versatile and Attractive Range of Metal Garden Storage Products

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Gorgeous Gardens

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Comprehensive Range of High Quality Metal & Plastic Sheds, Workshops & Garages, Outdoor Storage Buildings

Although we get the majority of pleasure from our gardens during the summer, each season has its own beauty, and autumn in particular offers colourful visuals and a heady aroma. As the leaves coat the ground, with shades of golden yellow, terracotta and rich brown, we think about the seasons to come. You can still have variety and colour with blooms at this time of year with dahlias, winter pansies, mums and herbs. Trees and shrubs are often discounted at nurseries in Braintree at this time too, so you could potentially end up with some real bargains.

This dormant time provides an ideal opportunity to plan any landscaping changes for the following year. Thinking about changing the whole of your garden can be a little overwhelming, so consider it bit by bit. First things first, so start by tidying up your garden, clearing weeds, and cutting back overgrown shrubbery and bushes. If some plants have become leggy or unattractive, dig up and replace them. Begin near the house at the back door or patio, and work gradually outward into the garden.

Frost proof ceramic containers are a good investment, especially if they match or compliment the colour of your door. They can contain statement plants such as pretty dwarf conifers providing all year round colour or miniature climbing roses. Hydrangeas are also an excellent hardy choice or ornamental grasses which don’t care about the weather!

Decide on a colour theme for each area of your garden to create a beautiful tapestry, such as fiery reds and orange shades or cooler lavender, purple and burgundy tones. Bushes that produce bright red or vivid yellow berries add another vibrant splash of colour.

For serious landscaping projects in Harlow, Rhino Plant Hire have a range of high quality, well maintained gardening equipment available. This is an ideal way to carry out the exact job you want, without having to invest in tools you may not use again. The team at Rhino’s will advise and assist you with all aspects of your hire.

Steel & Vinyl Garden Storage Sheds, Children’s Play Equipment, Playhouses, Swings, Slides & Climbing Frames

The Many Benefits of a Shed

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Practical & Functional Steel Outdoor Buildings, Plastic Garden Storage Sheds with Windows & Skylights

David Cameron certainly loves his sheds! Not only did he invest a fair amount of money into buying a shed in 2017 [naming it the ‘shepherd’s hut’], he obviously felt it worked for him. He bought his original shed as a writer’s sanctuary, to sit near his Cotswolds home, and in so doing joined a growing body of people who use their shed as a personal space. Sheds these days can be fitted with all the comforts of home, including heating, lighting and even wifi. There is no limit to the variety of pastimes and activities offered within these peaceful, quiet places.

Many well known personalities and celebrities in all walks of life including entertainers, writers, artists, musicians and of course ex politicians, regularly extol the virtues of having their own individual, secluded shed to relax in. Some of their partners are probably pretty happy about them too!!

Second Shed

It seems David Cameron cannot get enough of his outdoor escape hut complete with sofa bed and wood burning stove, as he has now purchased a further shed. This time it is to be placed near his £2 million Cornish clifftop getaway, and similar to the first shed, the specially designed building set him back around £25,000. The new shed resembles the first cabin, and is based on a traditional gypsy caravan design fitted with iron wheels. Mr Cameron stated that writing his memoirs is a little more difficult than he had envisaged, but that the shed definitely helps!

Sheds seem to satisfy needs at opposite ends of the spectrum, providing a solitary solution or as in the case of Men’s Sheds a social network to improve mental and physical health. Men’s Sheds are popping up all over the UK and farther afield, allowing older men to get out of the house, and meet like minded souls, chat, laugh and carry out tasks or hobbies. The benefits of this concept are endless, and can transform people’s lives for the better.

Incidentally, in case you didn’t know, they can also be used for storage!!


Timber Outdoor Buildings, UPVC Garden Sheds, Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Storage Buildings

Sheds – Coming to a Town Near You!

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Metal, Plastic & Timber Sheds, Outdoor Storage Solutions, Garden Buildings, Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Storage Sheds


Men’s shed associations are developing all over the UK, which is great news for shed group members, meaning they can form friendships and spend many happy hours in good company. The UK Men’s Sheds Association recently appointed a National Shed Development Manager in the form of Kate Gordon. She will be entrusted with the job of managing the Ambassador Programme, which will have three main tasks, these are:-

  • To encourage the growth of Sheds and shed members
  • To help recruit and develop volunteers within the Shed network
  • To be active in ensuring that Sheds are sustainable through the association’s networks, promoting opportunities and forming new partnerships

Only ten days after joining the team, Kate has already jumped into projects and started actively carrying out her role. Kate is experienced in the third sector and is a passionate advocate of the concept of men’s sheds. Chief Officer of UKMSA, Charlie Bethel, welcomed Kate and feels she will prove a great asset to the association.

Charlie Bethel was appointed earlier in the year, as Chief Officer, and has lots of experience with the third sector too, working in Paralympic sport for over 20 years. In addition he is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation, and a former Chief Executive of British Wheelchair Basketball.

Charlie is also a supporter of the Campaign to End Loneliness, an effort which strives to encourage connections between people of all ages and walks of life, for a healthier community. Organisations like this try to tackle social loneliness, by raising awareness within communities.

Research has discovered that loneliness can be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day! Friendships and social interactions reduce the risk of developing illness, and increase life expectancy. They have also been shown to boost the speed at which we recover from illness. Shedders groups are proving extremely effective in helping many older men especially to improve their lives, and of course their health and wellbeing.

Vinyl Storage Buildings, Timber Sheds, Children’s Outdoor Play Equipment & Garden Furniture

Wooden you know it!

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Apex Roof Timber Garden Sheds & Outdoor Buildings, Long Lasting & High Quality


Wood is the material of choice for many when choosing a new garden shed, preferable to metal or plastic for a number of reasons. The type of wood varies, but usually softwoods like pine or spruce are used. Larch or Douglas fir are also popular woods for shed construction, thought to be a little more resistant to rot. These versions are pretty pricey though so pine is a favourite for these traditional looking outdoor buildings.

Metal and plastic sheds are being seen more often nowadays in UK gardens, as they have certain advantages and selling points like low maintenance, ease of assembly, fire resistance and security. Although some metal sheds can suffer from condensation, and both metal and plastic sheds are not particularly visually appealing to many.

When it comes to size, a 6ft x 8ft shed is an ideal choice, with twice as much floor area of a 6ft x 4ft model with room for a workbench or indoor shelving options. The Shire Overlap Double Door (8×6*) Wooden Shed is an good example of excellent quality, featuring hidden extras like top and bottom supporting rails on the inside of each wall, as opposed to only on the top. This model also has no windows, an advantage if you have expensive items like motorbikes that you want to keep out of sight.

A feature seen on high quality timber sheds, is a roof overhang of at least 5cm to prevent rain from running down walls. The absence of this can encourage rotting and leaking as rain is allowed to enter. Test your wooden shed by standing inside and noticing if there are any chinks of light showing through [apart from the windows of course]. If there are gaps, the shed is likely to let in water, damp and pests.

Like many happy garden owners, there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy your timber shed, and you can treat or paint it in a range of attractive shades. There are even competitions to enter if you fancy letting your imagination run wild, and transforming your wooden shed!

Wooden Garden Storage Shed, Easy Assembly, Space Saving Outside Tool Storage, Shelving Options

Shed Happens!

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Sheds, Garden Storage Shed, Metal, Plastic & Timber Outdoor Buildings, Secure Lockable Doors

This is the amusing but very appropriate title of a radio program on Frome FM 96.6, which demonstrated over several shows the popularity of the men in sheds movement. Based on health and wellbeing it promoted the wonderful benefits of men’s sheds in all areas of the UK, and featured conversations with some of these happy groups.

Since these active sheds started to come into being, they have been popping up all over the place, each with it’s own individual take on hobbies, pastimes, projects and well, just life! The concept was intended to bring together men who were perhaps retired and felt a little redundant in their everyday life. They provided a space to simply socialise and be with like minded souls, to share tips, work on DIY tasks, create objects or art, drink tea and put the world to rights.

There is a jolly sort of camaraderie attached to these organisations, were most of the time laughter and gentle ribbing is the key, although there is running parallel an intensely serious side. Men in particular can suffer from isolation, especially where they have lost a partner, and this can lead to depression. Men are also vulnerable to depression as they find it a little more difficult to share feelings etc with friends and family. Shed groups are working wonders up and down the country to tackle these problems often without even trying.

Everybody is welcome to share the joy, as there is also a very tentative but growing cluster of women’s sheds, and as they are becoming established it has become customary for members of local men’s sheds to lend a hand. They can help with things like assisting with using machinery which some may be unfamiliar with. Yet another way that these shed initiatives are bringing people together.

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Choose a Secure Metal Shed

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Motorbike’s are loved by many as a way to experience the freedom of the open road, but It’s no fun getting your beloved motorbike stolen, which is why you should make secure storage a priority. You can approach motorbike security from a number of angles, making the unauthorised taking of your machine as difficult and time consuming as possible. A multi layered approach is best, and will hopefully discourage any thief in the early stages, prompting them to move on to easier targets [or consider a new career!].

Rather than responding to the opportunity and riding your bike off down the road, most thieves are likely to be stealing to order. It takes only seconds to break a lock, quickly load the bike into a van and drive off. Frequently the bike is stripped down and sold as parts, meaning an untraceable item, and no worries if it gets damaged during the theft.

A single lock presents one barrier, whereas a well lit parking area, high quality lock and alarm will provide more of an effective deterrent. Sports bikes are a favourite, [particularly Japanese ones] as they become damaged a lot and components like engines, frames and swing arms are expensive to replace.

One of the best ways to avoid getting your precious motorbike stolen, is to keep it hidden and out of sight. Seems a bit obvious, but if it can’t be seen it is less likely to be stolen, as a vulnerable looking bike is a big temptation for unscrupulous people. Metal sheds are really worth considering as a safe place to store your motorbike like one of our excellent range of metal sheds.

Don’t go for the cheap, inferior option though, as they will not offer the same standard of security, and are often subject to corrosion. Ideally you want a model that has a good warranty, is fire resistant, has excellent locking systems, ventilation and is maintenance free.

Comprehensive Selection of Secure Metal Garden Storage Sheds, Workshops & Garages

Versatile and Functional Metal Sheds

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Quality Range of High Specification Metal Sheds, Superior Steel, Metal Shed Range in Green & Anthracite Grey

We’d like to remind you why a metal shed could be the answer to your garden storage dreams!

Unrivalled Durability

When it comes to strength and durability, metal sheds are hard to beat, making them great for protecting valuable items like bicycles and lawnmowers. Even plastic sheds feature some form of steel support framework, demonstrating it’s reliability. Metal sheds are not easily damaged or broken into, and attempts can be noisy.

Ease of Assembly

Despite being made from tough galvanised steel, metal sheds are generally lighter and simpler to manipulate than other materials, meaning fast, hassle free assembly. Everything you need to build your metal shed usually comes in one package, so there are no additional costs or impromptu trips to the DIY store.


Most of the time, these sheds can be used without laying a foundation, as they have integrated flooring, and where required a wooden subfloor can be fitted. They can also, if preferable, be securely attached to a concrete foundation for added stability.


Most steel sheds are maintenance free, meaning no regular treating or painting, just a wipe over with a damp cloth will keep them looking new. This is a popular aspect, as it saves both time and money, and there is little chance of corrosion forming.

Fire Retardant

This tough material has the huge advantage of being fire retardant which is a big deal, especially if you wish to situate the building near your house. You can rest assured that your stored items such as wooden garden furniture, will not be vulnerable.


Most metal sheds have built in ventilation, proven to reduce the chances of condensation build up, and allowing even distribution of fresh air.

Modern sheds like the Sapphire range, have joined the superior selection we offer, having been scrutinised by the team! Robust, weatherproof and with a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty, you can’t go wrong.

Light Clad Garden Storage Buildings, Versatile, Weatherproof & Low Maintenance Garden Sheds

Another Great Range Of Metal Sheds From

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Quality Range of High Specification Metal Sheds

We continue our endless expeditions into the market of metal shed manufacturing around the world!

We have written on so many occasions in the past about how manufacturers have been forced into reducing the specification of their products in order to retain the loyalty of their customers who will move away from them in the name of price. While the UK is a very price sensitive market, there reaches a point where the product becomes unserviceable if the guts have been taken away. This has been true in timber sheds where the large retailers are now selling paper thin timber sheds, just to show a price point. They may sell initially on price alone, but after a while the market becomes wiser and more ‘savvy’. For those who follow our articles and our facebook page, you will know we have referred to this on many occasions.

Superior Steel, Light Clad Garden Storage Buildings

Metal sheds have been stripped in the same way. This is why our buyers wish to retain our unique selling position in this market of selling the best in a category. If a product fails to meet our expectation of high quality we will not include it in our range.

In light clad metal sheds it was who introduced a new and better quality range (LOTUS) which has taken the market by storm. The impact of that range of sheds, exclusive to Store More Garden Buildings, has forced others to sit up and take notice. Another established manufacturer with whom we have had dealings for many years have upgraded their model range to include similar specification materials. AT LAST the market is responding in the opposite direction and are now upgrading instead of de-specing!

The SAPPHIRE METAL SHED RANGE offered in Green and Anthracite Grey

This range allows us to expand our offer in this area of garden buildings where we are regarded as specialists in the business and we are delighted to introduce it to our customers. The steel cladding, so often too thin, now matches our desired specification of .33mm thickness allowing us to suggest that this is a robust product. Our research and development team have tested the product with their immense experience and have recommended its inclusion. AND it is supported by a manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years.

Commencing with a single sliding door the 5×4 model to 6 feet, 8 feet and 10 feet fronted buildings in a variety of sizes up to the largest, 10×10. The apex roof sheds in this product range are trimmed at the door opening with an attractive white surround.

Comprehensive Assembly Instructions & Friendly Advice

The instructions for assembly are comprehensive and have been developed over a long period of servicing many thousands of customers. If a customer has a problem, phone us and we will help you. If there is a damaged part during assembly, we can replace it. We are here to help as we have assembled this and other similar products over many years. All the parts are machine manufactured and holes are automatically programmed and pre-punched by highly sophisticated machinery. The parts do go together but do not pre-judge the building until the assembly process is completed as the parts are inter-dependant to make a complete structure.

We read and understand how the retail industry has to adapt to the modern marketing tools and to changing attitudes. The consumer enjoys an ‘experience’ in making a considered purchase but having made the decision to buy and having processed a payment, he wishes to enjoy receiving a purchase which matches his expectation.

Versatile, Weatherproof & Low Maintenance Garden Sheds

This is a storage building which will not suit everybody. A shed like this is a storage product made from materials which have resistance to most weather conditions and although the handles allow the application of a padlock, it cannot be described as a secure means of storing valuable items. For example, if a customer wishes to store an expensive bicycle without any other means of security, this is not a suitable solution. It will, however, serve to store garden tools and other household items which can reasonably be stored in a structure in the garden or yard.

The building, once assembled, will require minimal maintenance as it is made of steel. The material needs no treatment and will not rot. There are moving parts in the doors which may require a small amount of periodical lubrication and to be kept free from leaves and other debris. The shed can be cleaned and wiped down from time to time, particularly after the winter, to maintain its appearance.

Another great product range from!

Quality Range of High Specification Metal Sheds, Superior Steel, Light Clad Garden Storage Buildings. Metal Shed Range in Green & Anthracite Grey, Comprehensive Assembly Instructions & Friendly Advice. Versatile, Weatherproof & Low Maintenance Garden Sheds

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A Prince Among Sheds!

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Wide Range of Plastic Garden Sheds & Outdoor Storage Buildings, Steel Reinforced Heavy Duty UPVC Sheds

Plastic sheds have really made their mark on the world of outdoor storage, which was once dominated by the timber version. There are several reasons why UPVC sheds have come into their own in recent years, and here are a few of them:-

  • Modern advances in materials have ensured that plastic sheds are long lasting and highly resistant to any damaging effects caused by extreme weather.
  • There is a massive choice of vinyl shed design, size and specification.
  • They can be used as storage for equipment, garden furniture and DIY materials, or as areas to work, rest or play.
  • Plastic sheds are maintenance free only requiring a wipe over with a soapy flannel.
  • They will not fade, crack, corrode, warp or rot.
  • They provide a watertight, weather proof ,UV and chemical resistant storage solution.
  • Contents will remain dry and clean.
  • Options include windows and skylights.
  • They can be anchored securely to the ground.
  • Good plastic sheds are reinforced with powder coated steel.
  • Integral floors and ventilation comes as standard in many models to avoid condensation problems.
  • They are easy to assemble.
  • They are 100% recyclable and do not need to be painted or treated.

An impressive range of plastic outdoor storage includes sheds, garages, workshops, bike stores and boxes. Sheds like the Lifetime 7ft x 7ft heavy duty plastic shed have all of the above advantages, and are extremely smart in appearance with a white shiplap look outer, dark grey double doors and slatted roof. It’s no surprise that Lifetime sheds have become one of the most popular and fastest selling sheds in the UK.

Vinyl Storage Sheds, Windows, Skylights, Ventilated Gables, Integral Floors, Double Padlockable Doors

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