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Children’s Playhouses & Play Equipment

Playhouses & Play Equipment for Outdoor Play

You should never underestimate the importance of ‘child’s play’, which looks, on the face of it, like simply passing time. Amongst all the imaginary scenarios being acted out, there is in fact an incredibly complex process going on. Organising games like hopscotch or tag with friends, fighting fictional dragons or playing house is actually developing life skills and preparing your child for adulthood.

Child development experts say however, that over the last three decades, children are experiencing less and less opportunities to ‘play out’ for a number of reasons. These include a lack of green space, and parental fears about safety. Sedentary pursuits such as playing computer games or watching TV, have largely taken over from active outdoor play, which is generally accepted as not a good thing.

Exercise, Development & Healthy Kids

One of the advantages of outdoor play, is that children’s behaviour in school improves, as they have had a chance to blow off steam, and get rid of excess energy. This allows them to concentrate and results in higher achievement. When running, jumping and climbing, vital functions such as co-ordination and balance, are honed, and children learn to judge distance and speed. Health is boosted in a variety of ways including a stronger heart with cardio, healthy lungs due to being filled with air, and means muscles and bones are challenged and strengthened. The health benefits from childhood activity positively affect the body into adulthood, reducing the risk of certain common ailments.

A government study in 2016 found that ‘more than one in nine children had not set foot in a park, forest, beach or any other natural environment for at least a year.’ A fifth of the children studied did not play outside at all on any given day. This is a worrying trend, as active play is crucial for basic physical and psychological development. Children may have less common sense awareness when they eventually do go outside, as they are more used to being indoors.

Play Equipment & Imaginative Play

Apart from all of the exercise involved in running around etc, role playing has other pluses, as it is classed as ‘imaginative play’. This type of play forms ideas and allows the brain to try out, think about and analyse situations. The child can express feelings freely and act out situations helping the brain to make sense of them. Another vital part of this kind of play is that it provides an opportunity to practice social and communication skills along with problem solving.

Children are able to turn a simple playhouse into just about anything, like a hospital, a pirate ship, a school, a shop, an office, a fairy’s abode or anything else you can think of. We have all experienced presenting a young child with a gift only to find the gift tossed aside, as the child enjoys every aspect of the cardboard box! Kids can amuse themselves and play these outdoor games for hours on end, only stopping when hungry or forced to go in and get ready for bed. Our British made 5 x 4 Shire Lookout Playhouse, is perfect for any game of make believe for younger children with its ramp and roof to protect from the rain or strong sun. With a smoothly crafted timber finish, it comes with felt and glazing, 12mm shiplap cladding, and a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.

Wide Range of Playhouses, Climbing Frames & Children’s Play Equipment

Playhouses present an ideal place for children to explore their imaginations in safety and comfort. Our playhouses are available in a wide range of themes such as a Jailhouse, Army Command, Jungle Gym, Cottage and many, many more. Some of our playhouses have opening windows, half glazed doors, verandas, magnetic catches and safety hinges, weatherproof coatings and optional platforms. They are supplied unpainted, but you can paint these wonderful play spaces in any colour you or your child desires.

We also have an incredible choice of climbing frames and other children’s play equipment sure to keep the little ones occupied, and more importantly healthy, from dawn ’til dusk!

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