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Motorbike’s are loved by many as a way to experience the freedom of the open road, but It’s no fun getting your beloved motorbike stolen, which is why you should make secure storage a priority. You can approach motorbike security from a number of angles, making the unauthorised taking of your machine as difficult and time consuming as possible. A multi layered approach is best, and will hopefully discourage any thief in the early stages, prompting them to move on to easier targets [or consider a new career!].

Rather than responding to the opportunity and riding your bike off down the road, most thieves are likely to be stealing to order. It takes only seconds to break a lock, quickly load the bike into a van and drive off. Frequently the bike is stripped down and sold as parts, meaning an untraceable item, and no worries if it gets damaged during the theft.

A single lock presents one barrier, whereas a well lit parking area, high quality lock and alarm will provide more of an effective deterrent. Sports bikes are a favourite, [particularly Japanese ones] as they become damaged a lot and components like engines, frames and swing arms are expensive to replace.

One of the best ways to avoid getting your precious motorbike stolen, is to keep it hidden and out of sight. Seems a bit obvious, but if it can’t be seen it is less likely to be stolen, as a vulnerable looking bike is a big temptation for unscrupulous people. Metal sheds are really worth considering as a safe place to store your motorbike like one of our excellent range of metal sheds.

Don’t go for the cheap, inferior option though, as they will not offer the same standard of security, and are often subject to corrosion. Ideally you want a model that has a good warranty, is fire resistant, has excellent locking systems, ventilation and is maintenance free.

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