David Cameron’s Shed

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Well, we’ve been talking for a long time about about people using their garden sheds for all kinds of reasons [including storage of course]. Now ex UK Prime Minister David Cameron, has announced his intention to write a book in his! The £25,000 shed has all the comforts of home, with a log burner, sofa bed and sheep’s wool insulation. David intends to write his memoirs undisturbed, in this outdoor building, maybe inspired by the likes of Dylan Thomas and Roald Dahl, who also used these spaces for writing. The interior was designed by wife Samantha, perhaps in a bid for some peace and quiet while David enjoys his garden building.

As with many families there is a bit of disagreement about who should benefit from the shed, as his children are keen to use it as a playroom, and one son wants it as an alternative bedroom. Perhaps a show of hands or a democratic vote is in order, then again, maybe best not to bring politics into it!

There has in recent years been a significant rise in the popularity of sheds as personal sanctuaries, and jaw dropping transformations have popped up throughout the UK. Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year competition, has showcased some of the most unusual designs, as sheds have been modified into offices, art studios, recording studios, nightclubs and pubs. The 2016 winner of this competition was made from 90% recycled material and had a hidden room concealed behind a bookcase. One enthusiast said A shed is the perfect place to run and hide from the world.

For anyone wishing to write their memoirs, or do anything else, in a garden shed, SM Garden Sheds have a mind boggling range of metal, plastic and timber sheds in every size and specification imaginable. Just in case there is any disdain from younger family members, we also have a comprehensive range of children’s play equipment including playhouses. You’ll find some great special offers on our website too!

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