Practical & Functional Steel Outdoor Buildings

Garden sheds traditionally conjure up visions of good old timber buildings either brand new with fresh golden hued timber, or weathered, grubby and slightly warped due to swelling and weather damage. You may love your wooden shed, and don’t mind a bit having to regularly treat, paint or weatherproof it. Maybe you only store items of little value in there, so you wouldn’t really panic about its security either.

If however you want a shed which is dependable, functional, practical, secure, weatherproof and low maintenance, you might consider upgrading to a metal garden shed. Let’s face it, sheds are often used to store expensive possessions like lawn mowers, electrical tools, machinery, cycles, motorbikes, and even mobility scooters. Robust, high quality metal sheds from SM Garden Sheds now include the Biohort Panorama of outdoor storage guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Highest Specification Light Clad Metal Shed

Of course we can’t write about metal sheds without once again mentioning the wonderfully inspiring Lotus collection and all of its excellent qualities. We told you that the revolutionary Lotus shed range is the highest specification selection of light clad sheds on the market. We told you that Lotus sheds are manufactured from high tensile hot-dipped 0.3mm galvanised steel throughout. We also told you that Lotus metal outdoor buildings are ideal for use where a non combustible storage solution is compulsory like in caravan parks. But what we probably didn’t tell you is how incredibly popular these metal garden sheds are with our customers!

With a ten year warranty, ventilated gables and an impressive wall height, they are assembled quickly and easily with the additional option of a user friendly instruction manual.

Metal Workshops

A metal workshop is the perfect solution for a residential or commercial workshop. Our steel buildings come with detailed assembly instructions and are bolt/screw together. No welding is required! Our steel workshops are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer. We have metal workshops in Lotus and also Melbourne to choose from.





Practical & Functional Steel Outdoor Buildings, Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Garden Storage Sheds with Generous Sliding Doors. Unique Metal Outdoor Buildings with Front Skylights for Increased Visibility, Highest Specification Light Clad Metal Shed.

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