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At SM Garden Sheds, we dont believe in letting the grass grow [unless its in the garden], which is why we are constantly assessing and updating our range of products. We know that a successful company is one that listens to its customers, and is pro-active about fulfilling them. Feedback from our customers tells us that we are on the right track, which is extremely encouraging and prompts us to continue with our efforts.

We have recently been successful in sourcing a selection of new products designed with outdoor storage in mind, all of which have been subjected to our rigorous set of tests. Due to customer demand, we have extended the incredibly popular Lifetime range of heavy duty plastic sheds we offer, to include the 10×8 and 15×8 models. Customers are frequently impressed by the numerous features of these maintenance free heavy duty sheds, such as their high grade HDPE construction, 1.8 wall height, UV protection, internal storage shelves and racks, windows, screen vents, push catch opening door handles, skylights and powder coated steel bracing.


We always have a variety of exciting offers at SM Garden Sheds, and this Christmas you can save money on our Lifetime 8×5 shed, as the price includes an unbelievable £200 worth of accessories.


We are also pleased to be able to add a base value metal storage box to our selection of quality garden storage. The Emerald metal storage box is non flammable and suitable for use at caravan sites as well as in gardens. An integral floor, handles and padlockable lid make it dry and secure. A woodstore and shed combination featuring heavy duty door handles, and an equally robust bike shed are currently undergoing tests at SM Garden Sheds. If they are deemed suitable they are highly likely to be included in our 2014 range.

Our superior greenhouse collection is continually growing, allowing increased customer choice. The Elite aluminium greenhouse, and the Swallow timber greenhouse are recent product additions, and as part of our customer focused service we would welcome your questions and feedback about these and any of the other products we offer. This gives us an insight into how we can best tailor our service to, and satisfy specific customer needs.

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