Functional and Attractive Plastic Garden Storage Buildings

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Comprehensive Range of High Quality, Steel Reinforced Plastic Sheds, Garages & Workshops

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The term ‘garden shed’, frequently conjures up visions of a faded maybe slightly asymmetrical timber structure, which houses a few plant pots, some rusty gardening tools and one or two spiders webs. The old world charm of natural wood comes at a price with its required regular maintenance including treating and painting. Untreated wooden sheds, especially inferior, cheaper models, will inevitably begin to suffer problems like water penetration, fading colours or tones, damage from extreme hot and cold weather conditions, warping, fungus, rot and deterioration.

Many expensive treatments for wood are available in a selection of shades and finishes which give a smooth plastic like appearance. This desired look and protection can be achieved in a much less costly and trouble free way by choosing a high quality plastic shed. Modern UPVC garden sheds are unrecognisable from the first plastic sheds to emerge, which were subject to fade in sunlight and lacked strength and longevity. Technical advancements in the production of plastics have resulted in tough, functional and attractive UPVC outdoor storage buildings. Plastic sheds these days are economical and will retain their smart looks and robust nature for years to come. Once your plastic shed is assembled, it will require only an occasional wash with gentle household cleaning products to keep it beautiful. Vinyl storage sheds come with an array of advantages such as their ability to repel water, and resistance to fire, rot, rodents, insects and damage.

SM Garden Sheds have an excellent range of high performance plastic sheds from some of the most popular names on the market like LIFETIME, DURAMAX and PALRAM. These garden storage buildings have been researched with great attention to detail by the team at SM Garden Sheds, in order to ensure they meet our standards. LIFETIME sheds, garages, workshops and outdoor storage boxes represent the pinnacle of excellence when it comes to quality outdoor storage. Steel reinforced LIFETIME sheds are manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and available in a wide choice of sizes, specifications and features. They have a robust double walled construction, all weather finish and are impressively designed in elegant shade combinations like desert tan and dark brown. Call SM Garden Sheds for more information about our plastic, or our high quality metal shed range on 0845 601 6299.

Heavy Duty, High-Density, Polyethylene UPVC Outdoor Storage Buildings, Maintenance Free, Washable & Weatherproof

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