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Heavy Duty Plastic Sheds, Metal Outdoor Storage & Timber Garden Buildings, Wide Range of Sizes & Specifications


Perhaps one of the first considerations when thinking about purchasing a garden shed is its main intended purpose or use. Of course the usual job of a shed or outdoor building is storage of possessions. There are a limitless amount of things which can be stored in a secure shed, and you can safely house items like lawn mowers, cycles and even motorbikes. Machinery and tools are frequent occupants of the garden shed and building materials are also to be found.

There are certain requirements which every high quality garden storage building should provide in order to claim maximum functionality. They need to be adequately robust and secure, meaning they should deliver good resistance against damage and burglary. Lifetime heavy duty UPVC sheds from SM Garden Sheds, have a tough construction with powder coated steel reinforcements, and can be securely locked.

Ventilation is also an important feature ensuring that stored builders materials like plaster do not become damp, and that metal does not corrode. This is why Lifetime plastic buildings incorporate well designed ventilated gables into all of their models. They also stand up extremely well to the elements, ticking another box on the list. You will also want your shed to last a very long time so the Lifetime 10 year warranty will appeal to you. Plus, if like most people you don’t have the time nor inclination to treat or paint your shed regularly, you will love these maintenance free storage solutions. The Lifetime shed range are available in a huge variety of sizes and specifications from the 7×4.5 to the 15×8. A new addition to this exceptional selection from UPVC shed manufacturers is the versatile Tri-Fold door model in two sizes.

At SM Garden Sheds we seek to provide consistently high quality when sourcing our metal sheds as with the Lotus light clad sheds from reputable suppliers like Ever popular timber garden sheds can be found amongst our comprehensive range and are supplied by superior DIY merchants

Last but not by any means least is the fact that Lifetime garden storage buildings from SM Garden Sheds, are competitively priced. This is a big plus for most people who demand excellent quality along with pocket friendly prices. We are members of the award winning Garden Industry Manufacturers Association [GIMA], who support and assist their members enabling them to focus on customer need. GIMA has an unrivalled reputation for attracting the best in the industry, leading to highly informed industry professionals.


Comprehensive Range of Competitively Priced, Outdoor Garden Storage Sheds & Buildings from Major Manufacturers

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