Garden Sheds to Protect Your Possessions

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The many benefits of using a bicycle, range from keeping fit and healthy while saving money, to playing your part in promoting a greener environment. There are also a few downsides to cycle ownership too, one of which is the amount of thefts involving these machines. Statistics show that, around half a million bicycles are stolen each year. One every 71 seconds according to one insurer. Garden equipment like lawnmowers are also vulnerable to thieves as they can be very valuable, so can garden furniture. The Nationwide Building Society state that garden furniture tops the list of reported items taken from gardens.

Tools and ladders are very popular with thieves, not only because tools in particular can easily be sold on, but because they come in very useful when breaking into your property!

Many crimes are committed by opportunists who may happen upon a discarded bicycle, ladder or lawnmower. The question is how to prevent or at least discourage these incidences, apart from bringing ladders, lawnmowers and bikes into the house.

Rather than one single solution, it pays to incorporate several barriers between the burglar and your possessions. Gates with locks, fences, dense bushes and security lighting are all very effective ways of keeping trespassers out. Police recommend invisible marking of any article including tools and machinery, and even photographing them for ID. You can place a small sign in your front window informing unwelcome visitors that this has been done.

Another major deterrent to thieves is to secure your bikes, lawnmowers, garden furniture, tools, ladders etc in a high quality well built garden shed or outdoor building. You can order these from SM Garden Sheds, where you will find a large selection of heavy duty secure sheds with superior locking systems. Names such Asgard and Biohort are designed for increased security, with models like the Gladiator and Europa. Strong and versatile, Easy Kit sheds are secure and great value for money and there is also a range of secure timber sheds. SM Garden Sheds also offer a sturdy underfloor locking system to anchor your possessions to the floor. Call us on 0845 601 6299

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