Garden and Interior Design Consultant by Heather Patoff


We are introducing a new regular feature for your interest where Heather will write on points of interest and keep everyone up to speed with all the regular changes and additions to our ranges.

She has many years’ experience in structural design of the house and garden. She has written blogs on all kinds of different topics and we are delighted she has offered her time to contribute to our offer! – Enjoy!

Peoples’ eyes light up at the mention of the word ‘shed’ – it conjures up far away escapes even if it’s only at the bottom of the garden and not some Caribbean hot spot!

It’s a great get-away for when needs must…when we just need space, sometimes from the wife / husband / kids / pets – whoever!!

Or at worst it’s a visit to dump some ‘stuff’ you’ve clearly no space for in the house.

For most of us it’s a bit of everything – and that’s what’s so great about having a shed.

I remember as a child my parents had dumped a load of old furniture in our shed…along with the usual left-over paint cans that never got used again.

I transformed it by putting down an old threadbare rug, an armchair positioned carefully hiding the worst bits of rug, an old rickety bookcase placed up against the wall. In went a slightly chipped vase, a few knick-knacks pinched from the house and some paperbacks and it was like a ‘Secret Seven’ hideaway from the parents. Home from home.

My mum said I was born to tart up an old, odd space. Charming! But funnily enough I ended up training as an Interior Designer much, much later – so it just goes to show! (No one had heard of the words ‘interior design’ in Manchester circa mid 1960!)

As a child I was trying to solve mysteries with friends in our shed as Enid Blyton had first conjured up in our childish imaginations; but alas that was then!

Now the shed could become a space shuttle to Mars or even a Doctor Who tardis. The imagination is inspired.

It’s great to get busy in the shed. It beats doing the hoovering; you’re outside even if it’s minus 2 degrees wrapped up for every eventuality. It’s exhilarating! It’s a breeze! The shed can be a retreat offering peace and quiet to do your own thing. Or on the contrary it can be a meeting place on your allotment.

There’s always something to do in the shed. A general tidy, checking of garden equipment, getting ready for the next season or even a little carpentry or tinkering with old parts!! It can offer many different things to all of us.

So what is it about metal sheds? Well they’re strong and robust (like our men) and they’re modern, low on maintenance and no fuss (perhaps not like too many women we know, well some perhaps!) And they last for years. Durable, dependable but never dull.

Metal sheds come in all shapes and sizes and have their own personalities. Some are small and petite, tall and thin. big and bold. Some have a one door opening, some have double doors; most have windows. They can be the latest colour anthracite grey or traditional green, the possibilities are endless. They are smart on the eye and easy to keep clean.

Bring it on!

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