High Quality Children’s Outdoor Play Equipment, Climbing Frames & Playhouses

Here at SM Garden Sheds, we realise that life isn’t all about where to store your lawnmower! Everybody loves being out in the garden, which is why we now stock a wide range of children’s play equipment. We have of course applied our ‘eye of scrutiny’ to each of the products as with all of the other outdoor items we offer. Designed for fun, safety and featuring long lasting materials our high quality climbing frames, playhouses, see-saws, slides and swings will provide hours of fun out in the fresh air.

There is much talk these days about children not getting enough time outside, away from computer games. The benefits for children of playing outdoors is well documented it helps with health, allows muscles and bones to develop, tackles boredom, encourages social skills, burns excess energy and promotes imagination. With our play equipment you will know where your youngsters are and can keep an eye on them. Although you won’t be required until you call them in for tea!

Strong, Safe Climbing Equipment, Weatherproof & Long Lasting

sm-sheds-image-aThe Lifetime Dome Climber consists of a strong and durable powder coated geometric steel frame, intriguingly shaped, and with real rock climbing hand grips.

It brings an ideal solution where a simple structure is required, which will withstand strong gales and yet has minimal assembly.

Sturdy on grass or solid ground, this climbing frame ticks all the boxes and is available in primary or earthtone. At 5′ x10′ several kids from 3 years up, can climb up and over the top, sit or hang from the frame, giving the maximum amount of fun without taking over your garden.


sm-sheds-image-bAnother amazing piece of fun equipment from Lifetime is the Ace Flyer Teeter Totter, which is an aeroplane based, all in one fun frame.

It features a see saw, cockpit area, propeller and seats, ensuring many adventures within your own garden.

The Teeter Totter can seat up to seven 3 to 12 years olds at once so it’s ‘chocks away’, and let the fun begin.


sm-sheds-image-cWide Range of British Made Children’s Themed Playhouses & Forts

There is something for everyone in our range, all in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and the Shire range of themed playhouses will have your young’uns imagination running wild.

The Shire Kitty playhouse for example is the perfect kiddie cottage, with 12mm, dipped basecoat shiplap cladding, it can be painted to suit, in your child’s favourite colours.


sm-sheds-image-dThe fun can continue even in wet weather with these wooden treated playhouses, keeping the kids dry and cosy.

Like all of the Shire selection, the Shire Bunny playhouse 4’x4′ is British made, and this model comes with an optional platform. An opening window and weatherproof roof mean a long life for this product.

There are pretty cottages, jailhouses and wigwams to name but a few, so you are guaranteed endless enjoyment for your little ones in their own playtime space.

Domestic & Commercial Grade Fun Timber Climbing Frames

sm-sheds-image-eFor more fun than you can shake a stick at you might want to check out our Jungle Gym collection of climbing frames. The incredible Jungle Gym Tower with slide, is available with a vast amount of optional add ons.

These include a double or single swing, balcony, playhouse, bridge, nets, train and climb wall. Constructed from tough Northern European pine timber, this playhouse will delight children from 3 to 10.


sm-sheds-image-fWe also offer the Hy-Land range of commercial grade children’s outdoor play equipment, ensuring that the whole family will enjoy your establishment and want to spend longer there.

They have easy installation, are no trouble to maintain and represent great value for money, with a choice of size to fit any outdoor space.

These climbing frames are full of exciting features to stimulate children, they can climb, jump, crawl, stoop, slide and made from FSC certified timber are guaranteed for 10 years.


High Quality Children’s Outdoor Play Equipment, Climbing Frames & Playhouses,Strong, Safe Climbing Equipment, Weatherproof & Long Lasting. Wide Range of British Made Children’s Themed Playhouses & Forts, Domestic & Commercial Grade Fun Timber Climbing Frames

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