High Quality Garden Storage Sheds and Outdoor Storage Buildings

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Comprehensive Range of High Quality Plastic, Metal & Timber Sheds at Competitive Prices

liAt SM Garden Sheds we realise the importance of consistence when supplying excellent quality garden storage buildings. We are extremely proud of the fact that each and every metal, plastic or timber garden shed has received the same amount of scrutiny by our specialist team. This means that customers can order from us with complete confidence, knowing that they will receive a high performance outdoor storage building that will tick all the boxes. Outstanding names like Lifetime, Lotus, Biohort and Canberra are available from SM Garden Sheds, at very competitive prices.

Ultimate customer satisfaction is what we aim for, and you will find reliable information accompanying each product detailing both advantages and limitations. We believe in thorough research when sourcing products for addition to our range, and even insist on travelling to the relevant locations of manufacture. In this way we can be sure that we are able to answer any questions posed by our customers relating to the sheds we offer. This is not always the case with other suppliers of outdoor storage, especially where large supermarket retailers are concerned. Frequently their selection procedure leaves something to be desired, as they are not experts with experience in sheds and are often driven by price. Unfortunately an incredibly low price can turn out to mean incredibly low quality, a fact which is typically only discovered after the items are purchased and assembled. Use of inappropriate materials and inferior design, will lead to a disappointingly short functional life, with rust or deterioration.

At SM Garden Sheds we have learnt after 35 years in the business, that the only way to nurture and ensure returning custom and customer recommendation, is not to deviate from our philosophy of quality as well as cost. We enjoy a level of input with manufacturers, using our knowledge of what people want for positive design results.

The excellent selection we offer includes Lifetime, Duramax, Lotus, Canberra and Biohort sheds and outdoor storage, and our after sales service is second to none.

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UPVC Steel Reinforced Garden Storage Buildings & High Specification Light Clad Metal Sheds


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