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Domestic & Commercial Grade Children’s Outdoor Playhouses, Climbing Frames, Swings & Slides


Picture the scene, your child comes down to breakfast on their birthday, wonders why Mum and Dad are grinning, and follows their gaze through the window to the garden. A gasp followed by a ‘Wow’!! excited scuffles as said child hurriedly pulls on footwear and makes a beeline for the back door. Imagine the delight as you watch your young’un, wide eyed approach the secretly assembled new playhouse. This is one of those memorable moments from childhood you do not forget, and as a parent you will be providing your child with not only one of the best birthdays ever, but a healthy outdoor experience.

Children are more often than not these days inclined to sit indoors playing on computer games, despite all of the fresh air and fun to be had outside. But our high quality play equipment will encourage lots of outdoor play, exercise and social interaction. Child development specialists all agree on the benefits for children of physical activity like climbing, running and jumping. It helps with things like bone strengthening and muscle growth. Engaging in outdoor pursuits also burns excess energy and relieves boredom.

We offer an array of themed playhouses for your cowboy or princess, climbing frames, see-saws, slides and swings to keep them busy from dawn til dusk! Kids love to share their play equipment with friends and relatives, letting their imagination run wild with make believe games. Our playhouses have solid roofs and can be used in all weathers for play or to sit and read in peace on rainy days. In fact you might have trouble keeping Dad out of there! [We have a great range of sheds for him too].

We also supply an excellent variety of commercial grade outdoor play equipment ideal for hotels, beer gardens and visitor centres. These are also simple to install and maintain, and will keep children of all ages occupied and entertained for hours. Rest assured that all of the fun, safe play equipment available from SM garden Sheds is of the highest quality, featuring long lasting, well designed products from major manufacturers. Call us on 0845 601 6299 or 0161 494 1371.

Safe, Weatherproof Climbing Equipment, British Made, Low Maintenance Outdoor Playhouses, Forts & Climbing Frames

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