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The idea of a self built home is capturing the imagination of more and more people in the UK, due to aspects like difficulty finding your ideal property in the right place for you and your family. The state of the housing market has also contributed to the general pessimism around what should be one of the most exciting times of your life. Its no wonder that the inspiring thought of finding and purchasing a plot of land, and then designing your own vision of perfection is growing in popularity. The practice is not as daunting as it seems, as there are building companies who will offer you a concept to completion service, including planning permission representation, provision of architects. designers, builders and landscapers. Alternatively you may prefer to do your own internet research to find the best companies, and word of mouth is also helpful. All of the major decisions are yours, like how many rooms, size and shape, positioning, décor and type of garden.

There is a lot of advice available to anyone considering building their own home, with a number of websites specific to the subject. These deal with things like where to start, how to find a vacant plot, pros, cons, tips and the experience of others.

The fact that the UK government are fully behind self build is also encouraging, especially as they have pledged a substantial amount of funding to local councils, for use by potential self builders and groups wishing to create self build communities. The government has also supported this relatively new practice, by making self build projects exempt from the Community Infrastructure Levy [CIL]. This charge was found to be responsible for many people who wished to self build, deciding it was not cost effective and scrapping the notion. The self build option is much more frequently chosen in other parts of Europe with 80% of homes in Austria and 50% of homes in Germany and Belgium having been built by their occupiers.

The home of your dreams can be complimented with a beautifully styled, perhaps South facing garden to relax and entertain in once your home is completed. Garden storage from SM Garden Sheds, comes in many sizes from a small lean-to, to a spacious outdoor building with front and side access, where you can store bikes, lawnmowers, garden furniture and tools. A range of functional garden seating can be yours too, many reduced in price like the incredible Selene fixed arbour seat. You could incorporate a smart and secure metal or plastic garage into your new home surroundings, to protect your vehicle from the elements as well as unwanted visitors! We can fulfil every garden storage need imaginable, with high quality, long lasting, competitively priced products along with sound advice.

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