Introducing the ‘Anything But Timber’ Shed Competition

Posted: 03/8/13 1:03 PM, In category: Uncategorized

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Here at SM Garden Sheds, not only do we love to offer our customers the highest quality garden storage products at the best discounted prices, we also want to bring a little fun into their lives.

We know how proud you are of your new UPVC or metal shed when it is installed in all its glory in your garden. So we will soon be launching the SM Garden Sheds ‘Anything But Timber’ Shed Competition. Are you feeling left out because all of the other timber shed dominated, shed competitions seem to turn up weird, quirky or outlandish entries? Well, we are on your side!

As it ‘says on the tin’, our shed competition is aimed at people who love their plastic or metal garden sheds. If you enjoy a challenge then this is the ideal competition for you. We want pictures of your UPVC plastic or metal sheds, given your own individual twist, along with the reasons why your shed should win.

Tell us your shed story, what you use your shed for and, well, what makes your shed different!

Our shed competition will be judged by the true shed experts………you!

Prizes will be announced soon.

We will be calling for entry submissions from late March and we will give you all summer to send us your metal or plastic shed images & stories. We will update you soon on the SM Garden Sheds website or if you prefer, we can email updates to you. Simply contact us at

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