Larger, Versatile Plastic Outdoor Storage Buildings

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Larger UPVC Outdoor Storage Buildings, Vinyl Garden Sheds & Garages, Steel Reinforced Plastic Storage


shedsWhile metal sheds are popular due to their secure and robust reputation, plastic sheds are becoming increasingly popular and a more acceptable option than the timber alternative in a number of areas. UPVC garden storage is an ideal solution in locations like caravan parks and other leisure related applications. SM Garden Sheds successful launch of the LIFETIME range of plastic sheds has added to the boost in customer interest of this versatile material. Demand for quality plastic garden storage buildings has resulted in the addition of four new models in the DURAMAX Woodside range. KETER vinyl sheds have been subject to modifications and upgrades in reaction to customer need for intermediate products.

There is a particular emphasis on larger outdoor storage buildings lately, and on the research and development required to ensure their strength, rigidity and durability. Recently LIFETIME have introduced the 11 FEET FRONTED BUILDING for more substantial storage. This will be followed by a folding garage door. These buildings incorporate multi-shelf accessories, tool holders, windows, skylights and a specially designed non-slip floor. This top quality model is steel reinforced and double skinned and even allows the apex roof to be utilised for extra storage. Precise aesthetically designed engineering gives this building a practical and attractive edge, with top and bottom hung doors and a spring loaded closing device to ensure a neat and accurate front.

A completely different design is found in the DURAMAX steel framed UPVC garage, with moulded vinyl cladding and 2.40 metre door opening enabling it to be used as a garage. The accompanying foundation kit means that the fully erected building can be secured to the ground, either with the placing of a timber floor or a stable concrete filling. The minimum size of this facility is 10 x 16 and up to 10 x 23, although it is available in a number of configurations, including the addition of extensions. Windows and side courtesy doors provide the customer with more choice.

At SM Garden Sheds, we are dedicated to sourcing excellent quality at the right price, and this is reflected in our fact finding trips to factories and points of manufacture. We believe that only through study of the manufacturing process can we fully understand every aspect of the products we are recommending to our customers.

These sheds are affordable, functional, attractive and can be configured in whichever way the customer desires, information can be gained through the website or by calling 0845 601 6299. There is also FREE delivery to most of mainland UK.



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