Lifetime Garden Storage…..the clue is in the name.

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Plastic Garden Storage Sheds & Storage Boxes, Steel Reinforced, Maintenance Free Outdoor Buildings


8x5_studio_nowindow_colorchangeWe already knew what an excellent range of garden storage products were offered by, Lifetime garden sheds and storage boxes. We also knew that these maintenance free products were constructed to the highest standards, using heavy duty, steel reinforced polyethylene. We couldn’t argue with the fact that they gave long term performance while remaining stylish and cleverly designed. But what we did not expect was the level of enthusiasm expressed by customers in response to our showcasing of this product. The popularity of this collection of robust garden storage buildings should really come as no surprise, due to a number of features.

Ease of assembly is a major factor with Lifetime products, providing intricate designs yet with minimal components, many pre-assembled. Panels come with steel bracing already inserted and concealed, allowing panels to be instantly secured into the floor for a hassle free action. UV inhibitors are an intrinsic part of the composition, ensuring protection from the harmful rays of the sun, which can lead to cracking, chipping or peeling.

A best seller amongst the Lifetime range is the 8 x 5 Lifetime Garden Shed, which can be extended when a need for extra storage space arises. In its basic state this shed comes without a window keeping the price to a minimum, however extensions contain the addition of a window for increased light as well as space. This high specification, versatile outdoor building includes a heavy duty floor, and roof space with skylights for even more storage.

All of your garden shed requirements are catered for by the Lifetime selection, like the second most popular 7×7 garden shed. This choice has all of the advantages of the range and also includes a specially designed window, concealed vent and heavy duty floor. These sheds are strong, secure and are customisable with the addition of shelves and storage racks.

Similarly high on the list of ‘in demand’ products are the Lifetime 300 and 500 litre storage boxes, echoing the larger storage options yet retaining many of the quality features. These include the heavy duty floor and robust lid suitable for use as seating, while safety and convenience are provided by a spring loaded, gas assisted piston. Across the board Lifetime garden storage products beat the competition hands down.


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