Innovation in Metal Shed Design & Specification

The metal shed market has been taken by storm!

After many years of much of the same, this innovative brand of light clad metal storage products is setting a new standard which many of the long established manufacturers just simply cannot match. After 2 years in the market it is not just tried, it is also tested in terms of quality and durability.
terms of quality and durability.

Where did we start?

It is only 2 years ago that we were faced with a stark choice in this sector of metal storage. Old fashioned – nothing had changed for over 20 years – and many manufacturers were bowing to the pressures imposed by retail buying organisations demanding more for less! The result was little/no positive research and development but a grind to see how specifications could be reduced to find the savings demanded. We saw (and continue to see) ‘de-specing’ with reduced thickness and inadequate protective coating leading to customer dissatisfaction, rust and a general perception of a tired and resourceless industry. Those few manufacturers who retained their quality standards lacked investment in cash and ideas.

Range of Robust & Functional Outdoor Garden Storage Buildings

After 2 years of research and development the GLOBEL brand arrived and everything began to change. From a small range of apex sheds in 3 sizes in Heritage Green, Anthracite Grey and Aluminium White, led by, supplied by Store More Garden Buildings, the revolution began. By reason of a combination of innovation and determination, this range has now expanded to the widest choice of metal storage designs and solutions over 3 colours and many different sizes.

Combining an ability and expertise to harness less expensive sources of supply, employing the strictest quality control procedures and using the highest specification materials, Globel Industries have raised the standard of what may be acceptable!

Why is it so good?

Imagine, some 4 years ago, standing by the leading models of the day with the task of wondering how the market can be improved. It was not too difficult to discern the problems.

By pressing the walls, the steel thickness was not good. By attempting to shake the building it was apparent that the framing was not sturdy. By opening and closing the sliding doors, they were not precise and true. By examining the kit with the accompanying instructions, the customer experience did not inspire confidence. By leaving some models outside for a short period, rust was beginning to appear.

Market Leading, Value for Money Design in Steel Garden Sheds

With ideas of their own and cooperation with a few of those who had been involved in the market over many years, GLOBEL produced a prototype which was examined closely by those same early participants, including our research team. Equipped with a large sheet of paper to list all the ‘snags’, they assembled the building in half the usual time. By the conclusion there was written on the paper,

‘In 30 years, this is the best we have seen!’

There had been such attention to detail in almost every aspect that there were only extremely minor modifications required before the first bulk manufactured sheds appeared from the steel roll-forming machines and they were shipped to UK.

What emerged was an article of the highest specification, matching in price many of the least expensive in the market. A product of real value!

In the 2 years which have followed, the range has expanded at such a rate that competitors can only marvel at the speed of development and the flexibility to offer customers what they really want to buy. With this website leading the way in UK, we have seen such a rapid acceleration of exposure in so many different ‘shop windows’. So……where do we go from here and how do we retain this incredible momentum?

Larger Outdoor Storage Sheds, Garages, Workshops & Shelving Accessories

There will be an increase in the range at both ends of the product spectrum. Storage boxes of different sizes and designs directed to different applications are either available or presently in development. Larger buildings, suitable for garages and workshops will be available during the early part of 2017 featuring a new portal frame design.

AND, by the way, Globel commenced their existence by manufacturing the best shelving products, manufactured to the same exacting design and quality standards. The shelving accessories which fit so well inside the sheds allow this range to be described as the complete garden storage solution.

BUT, watch this space, there will be more to follow!! At this pace, LOTUS by GLOBEL has, at least, lapped is closest competitor. The gold medal is definitely…… secure for now!

Innovation in Metal Shed Design & Specification, Range of Robust & Functional Outdoor Garden Storage Buildings. Market Leading, Value for Money Design in Steel Garden Sheds. Larger Outdoor Storage Sheds, Garages, Workshops & Shelving Accessories

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