Low Maintenance Garden Solutions

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Maintenance Free Metal & Plastic Sheds & Outdoor Storage, in a Range of Sizes & Specifications


For people with a busy lifestyle, a low maintenance garden is an ideal option, saving time, effort and usually money. You can have a smart and attractive garden without having to do a great deal to keep it looking good. A lawn is a popular garden feature, yet needs to be mown, watered and fed regularly to prevent it looking straggly and unkempt. You can replace a lawn area with smart and versatile decking, gravel or paving. You could also leave small patches of grass here and there, which will provide interest without needing intense maintenance. Pots and hanging baskets can be placed together, even with several plants in one tub, making them quicker to water and providing a more striking impact.

Hedges need regular and frequent trimming and shaping, but a fence or wall will require less time spent on keeping your outside space looking good, pressure treated timber fences are available and give a longer lasting weatherproof performance. Plastic, or coated steel garden furniture comes in all grades and qualities, and can look great without having to be treated or painted in any way. Dry, clean storage over winter will extend the life of any garden furniture helping it to remain good as new. A metal or plastic garden shed is the ideal low maintenance solution for any garden, bringing a versatile as well as an attractive edge to your garden.


Metal sheds come in a range of sizes and specifications so there is a shed for every need, with large, high quality spacious buildings like the heavy duty models from Biohort. These sturdy and secure sheds are constructed from hot dipped galvanised 0.5mm steel. With lockable steel handles, apex roofs and a 20 year manufacturers non perforation warranty, these sheds are a good trouble free option. Canberra have even designed a low pent 6×4 metal shed ideal for placement underneath a caravan window. These sheds are designed to not corrode in coastal holiday destinations, making them highly practical. Another garden storage building which will look after itself, leaving you to get on with life, is one made from UPVC. These tough, vinyl outdoor storage sheds come in a selection of smart co-ordinated shades and will never need weatherproofing, treating or painting. The Lifetime collection of plastic garden sheds, are reinforced with a powder coated steel frame so are strong, durable and will accentuate any garden or outdoor area. You will find a mind boggling choice of garden storage of all kinds at SM Garden Sheds. We have a vast knowledge of garden storage including sheds, garages, workshops, pet housing, arbours and other garden products.

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