Men’s Sheds: DIY, Hobbies and Banter

Posted: 06/28/17 11:08 PM, In category: Uncategorized

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One of the biggest issues for people and especially men over a certain age, is social isolation. Those who may be widowed, single, retired or made redundant can feel cut off from others, and may not know what to do about it. It is also difficult for the healthcare services to reach men generally, as they are often reluctant to visit the doctor, preferring to try and cope alone. Men who do go to the GP frequently only do so as a result of being nagged into it by wives or family members.

The Men in Sheds concept was originated in Australia and appeared in Britain via a charity called Age UK in 2008. These communities have grown over the years and now there are over 1000 men’s sheds in existence here. There are also sheds in Wales, Ireland and Scotland, and the project has had a major affect on peoples lives, and actually been credited with lowering suicide rates.

These gathering places are a form of men’s club where men come to relax and take part in hobbies and interests like woodwork, art, DIY, metalwork and computers. A sort of youth club for the over 50’s if you will! They get camaraderie, laughter, banter, a feeling of belonging and a place to go to whenever the desire is there. Men can learn and share lifelong skills, try new things and even make something, to show off their talents. Some who have never used tools like lathes, saws and other power tools come to realise it’s easy once you know how.

Apart from all the hard slog of making things there is the pleasure of being in the company of other like minded souls. Chatting is more important than you think, and there is plenty of opportunity for that over a cup of tea in a men’s shed. Men often take their friendships outside of the shed, perhaps for a game of golf or a spot of fishing.

When all’s said and done, you can’t beat being a man in a shed! Read more in our Shedders section.


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