Metal Sheds Garden Storage Steel Buildings All-Round Acrylic Skylight Ventilation Easy Assembly

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High Quality Metal Sheds

Robust & Weatherproof Metal Storage Sheds

There are sheds and then there are sheds! When it comes to metal sheds, there is a lot of variation on the market in price and quality, and if you are looking for a metal shed, we are here to help. You can tell in an instant when a shed is designed and manufactured to the highest standards, and the Biohort range is no exception.

These high performance, maintenance free steel sheds have features galore, that will ensure you get a great garden storage building in one nifty package. The Biohort Garden Shed HighLine is the ultimate storage shed range, ticking all the boxes, and delivering a smart, attractive addition to your garden. Conceived by industrial designers, this metal shed has a modern flat roof and gutter safeguarded by integrated leaf traps on either side. There is a connection for a 1” hose ensuring excellent drainage and flushing of debris, and the all-around acrylic skylight gives an exceptionally slick appearance, as well as aiding light penetration.

Dry & Secure Steel Outdoor Buildings, Single or Double Door

The security of this shed is second to none with the addition of a 3-way locking mechanism, standard cylinder, spare key and stainless steel door handle. Semi automatic opening is facilitated by a gas assisted spring damper. The damper makes sure that the door is held firmly in position, and assists with opening and closing the door. The doors on these models are also extremely robust for additional security and fit perfectly into any of the walls of size H2 and above. You can opt for single or double door versions too. The sheds are amazingly strong and sturdy, which isn’t surprising as they are made from hot-dipped galvanized, polyamide coated steel plate, with screws and hinges made of stainless steel.

They can withstand snow loads of up to 150 kg/m², and are storm proof to (150 km/h, wind force 12), so there are no concerns about how your precious shed will fare in the winter.

High Performance, Non Combustible, Corrosion Free Storage Sheds

Some of the many advantages of these storage sheds, include the fact that they come prepared for easy installation of roof insulation. XPS, 3cm hard foam panels can be used with these sheds if you require them. The sheds are also ideal for use in holiday environments such as caravan sites, where it is essential to have non combustible storage units. Due to their corrosion free nature, they are also perfect for coastal locations, where salt sea air is renowned for damaging metal buildings and components.

These excellent Biohort metal sheds from SM Garden Sheds, are just a few of the vast range of high performance, maintenance free outdoor buildings we offer. With a 20 year guarantee, ease of assembly and colours like metallic silver, metallic dark grey and white, what more could you want?

High Quality Metal Sheds, Dry & Secure Steel Outdoor Buildings, Single or Double Door. Dry & Secure Steel Outdoor Buildings, Single or Double Door, Excellent Storage Options & Design Features. High Performance, Non Combustible, Corrosion Free Storage Sheds.

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