New & Replacement UPVC Front Doors & Back Doors

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In a recent article on the SM Garden Sheds website, web promotional partners extol the advantages of new and replacement upvc front doors and back doors.

Like all great products, upvc exterior doors from UPVC Door Store meet the three principle requirements of style, functionality and practicality.

With a fantastic range of designs for both front doors and back doors, UPVC Door Store are certain to have a door to suit the taste of every customer and a door to fit in beautifully with the decor of any home. While white is still a favourite with replacement upvc doors, wood effect finishes such as antique oak or rosewood are becoming increasingly popular. UPVC doors can be fully-glazed, half glazed or boast window panels in a great choice of styles, colours and patterns. There is also huge choice in door fittings such as door knockers, letterboxes and door handles.

UPVC exterior doors offer many advantages over traditional wooden doors. UPVC front doors and back doors will not warp, shrink or rot. UPVC is a non-porous material that will withstand whatever the changeable British climate can throw at it. Modern UPVC is free from discolouration making UPVC doors virtually maintenance free. With a 5 point locking system fitted as standard upvc doors from UPVC Door Store are amongst the most secure on the market.

All UPVC doors from are made to measure. Front doors and back doors from on-line retailers come pre-hung in their own frame eliminating any possibility of draughts or poor fitting. This makes installation easy for any competent handyman or DIY enthusiast. All fittings are available from Because UPVC Door Store is a manufacturer and online retailer free from the overheads of running shops or showrooms, all their front doors and back doors are available to the public at trade prices.

UPVC Door Store delivers throughout the UK. For further information check out the UPVC Door Store website or give them a call on 0800 072 4887.

New & Replacement UPVC Front Doors & Back Doors

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