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Plastic Garden Sheds & Cushion Boxes, High Quality Vandal Proof UPVC Outdoor Storage

And so it was that having visited the Lifetime stand in the Cologne Trade Exhibition for two years, and having successfully launched the distribution of this fine garden storage product, in October this year, the purchase team found their way to Xiamen, China. We visited the new facility which has been built to supplement production from the headquarters at the Lifetime factory in Clearfield, Utah.

And, what an impressive organisation this is, with Chinese management well integrated into the philosophy of their US parent. We were treated to a tour of the whole facility and a two day conference bringing us up to speed with all the new product ranges.

The Lifetime presence in China commenced about seven years ago when a smaller factory was taken over from a competitor. Longer runs of production are required to make manufacturing in this part of the world worthwhile, so they decided to introduce the special blow-moulding machines which are used to make the Lifetime top quality tables and chairs as well as their traditional products related to the the sport of basketball. This blow moulding process, along with a special secret recipe in the moulded plastic, gives these products a definite quality edge over the competition. We were treated to a live demonstration of potential vandals with hammers and similar destructive implements attempting, unsuccessfully, to smash holes in the plastic sections. Needless to say the competitors’ products on display did not stand a chance!



It is now their intention to move the production into the manufacture of storage boxes (an example is shown here) and garden sheds . This process is more complicated as the skills required, particularly with the sheds, are such that much consideration has to be taken as to which models will fit in between bulk production and potential sales. This will happen soon and it may be that we will see this high quality article showing reductions in price, but only on specific models.

Comprehensive Range of Garden Storage including Sheds, Garages, Workshops, Storage Boxes & Furniture

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