Plastic, Metal & Timber Heavy Duty Sheds for Secure Outdoor Storage

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Sheds, Garages, Workshops in Plastic, Metal & Timber for Secure & Long Lasting Storage



When you place a smart attractive shed in your garden you not only improve the look of your home, you also add to its functionality. There are an unlimited amount of uses for a garden shed and many people have their own idea of what a shed is best used for. The obvious purpose of course is storage of garden related items such as lawnmowers and garden furniture, maybe a few bikes, large outdoor toys and anything which would be ‘in the way’ indoors. As well as storage, an increasing number of people are finding new and unusual uses for their sheds and outdoor buildings, seeing them as extra rooms. These uses include hobbies like gardening, photography, reading, writing, computer work, crafts, art, even a space to relax and chat to friends.

There are no end of shed sizes, shapes and specifications, and there is even a choice of materials to suit everybody. You may like the idea of a durable and versatile plastic shed, like the range offered by Lifetime. The Lifetime 7×7 vinyl shed is typical of this selection, made from steel reinforced polyethylene for a long weather resistant life. This choice brings a host of clever features like high density, polyethylene [HDPE] stain resistant floor, small skylights, effectively designed vents and sturdy button catch opening door handles. What if you decide that the Lifetime shed you opted for is not quite large enough? no problem, your UPVC shed can be extended. Each extension kit grows your shed by 2.5 feet and there is no limit to the amount of extensions you can use!


People who require high security usually opt for a heavy duty metal shed, such as the Easykit range. These competitively priced outdoor buildings bring an imposing strength, with a core of hot dipped galvanised steel, and an innovative non drip internal roof system. These maintenance free sheds are rot and rodent free and come with a 15 year non perforation guarantee. A heavy duty foundation kit is supplied as standard for ease of installation, and this product includes vents and skylights. You dont have to sacrifice security if you prefer a wooden shed either, as there are heavy duty options within this range. Solid high quality timber structures designed to protect your items, with slit style windows and metal door bars will prompt unwanted visitors to jog on!

 All of these sheds and many many more can be found at SM Garden Sheds, where a look around our website will leave you spoilt for choice. We offer sheds, garages, workshops, greenhouses, garden furniture, pet housing, the list goes on. We can also deliver free to most mainland areas of the UK, and with a team dedicated to customer satisfaction you cant go wrong.


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