Professionally Crafted, Traditional Oak Constructions

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Traditional Oak Cart Lodges, Coach Houses, Summer Houses, Gazebos, Timber Garages & Car Barns, Chelmsford, Essex


Timber has been used as a building material for centuries, due to its natural beauty, strength, feel and smell. It is also extremely versatile, lending itself to a vast amount of applications and offering a defined custom solution. Oak in particular has seen a substantial increase in popularity, with oak frames often being favoured by architects, designers and self builders. Another advantage of using timber for any building project, is its insulating properties, and the fact that when responsibly sourced, timber is a highly environmentally friendly material. Its processing also uses less energy than many materials used for construction, as it does not require manipulation by large pieces of equipment.

Our web promotion partners Traditional Oak Construction Ltd, are experts in providing traditionally crafted oak constructions like car barns, coach houses, cart lodges and summer houses. A unique and bespoke result can be achieved after consultation with the customer to discuss their ideal outcome. Traditional Oak Construction Ltd, deliver a concept to completion service and design their buildings to complement and harmonise with your home, or any existing structures. Practical and elegant, these timber buildings can incorporate overhead office space or attached workshops for a versatile conclusion. With their qualified craftsmen, artisans, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, joiners and builders, everything is provided under one roof so no need for private or sub-contractors. This also helps regarding time and budget constraints, as there is no reliance on outside factors.

Traditional Oak Construction Ltd, will keep customers involved and informed throughout each stage of the work, and customer input is always valued. This exceptional oak construction company are proud of their exemplary record of customer service, and dedication to quality and reliability. A comprehensive, custom design, planning and project management package means ultimate customer satisfaction.

Traditional Oak Construction Ltd, only use oak and other timber which comes from renewable sources, and insist on registered Responsible Suppliers, in addition they strive to use mainly local, reclaimed tiles or brickwork.

Give Traditional Oak Construction Ltd a call on 01376 388757

Traditional Timber Constructions Professionally Produced by Artisans, Craftsmen, Builders, Joiners, Carpenters, Plumbers & Electricians, Essex.

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