Seasonal Preparation of Garden Storage Buildings.

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As the winter months approach people spend a little less time outdoors in their garden, and more time on indoor pursuits. There are however one or two things to get done or check on before you can relax, such as how weather resistant your outdoor storage building is. If you have a timber garden shed you would be wise to give it a coat of preservative for a waterproof coating. There are some excellent products on the market which can actually transform and rejuvenate your timber shed with a clear or coloured finish lasting years. This simple step will ensure you are not faced with having to replace your timber shed, or any of its contents after the winter due to water damage, rot or mould. If you want to protect the contents further you can place items inside airtight containers or storage boxes. Tools can be treated against rust or corrosion by giving them a wipe over with an oily rag, machinery can be covered with sheets of polythene. Topping up the fuel tank of a petrol lawnmower will prevent water build up in the tank in case of any condensation. Also oily rags placed in the air inlet and exhaust, along with greasing of battery terminals, will keep the machinery rust free.

A plastic shed does not need to be treated or weatherproofed keeping contents such as bicycles, garden machinery and tools dry and safe. There are many other advantages to a UPVC/plastic garden storage building including ease of assembly and disassembly, cost, size and shape variation plus optional additions like storage shelves, windows and skylights. Good quality plastic sheds like the Duramate range may also be designed to incorporate ventilation systems, cutting out risk of damp and condensation build up.

When choosing a metal shed look out for weatherproofing features such as built in ventilation or the maintenance free Biohort Europa which has a snow load capacity of 150kg. Some metal sheds even have clever designs such as the rot and rodent free Easykit heavy duty range of garden storage, which has a non drip internal roof system.

SM Garden Sheds have a comprehensive range of garden storage buildings available which are designed to make your life easier, while providing the perfect solution to all your garden storage needs. Give us a call for information about any of our quality products on 0845 601 6299.

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