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This is the amusing but very appropriate title of a radio program on Frome FM 96.6, which demonstrated over several shows the popularity of the men in sheds movement. Based on health and wellbeing it promoted the wonderful benefits of men’s sheds in all areas of the UK, and featured conversations with some of these happy groups.

Since these active sheds started to come into being, they have been popping up all over the place, each with it’s own individual take on hobbies, pastimes, projects and well, just life! The concept was intended to bring together men who were perhaps retired and felt a little redundant in their everyday life. They provided a space to simply socialise and be with like minded souls, to share tips, work on DIY tasks, create objects or art, drink tea and put the world to rights.

There is a jolly sort of camaraderie attached to these organisations, were most of the time laughter and gentle ribbing is the key, although there is running parallel an intensely serious side. Men in particular can suffer from isolation, especially where they have lost a partner, and this can lead to depression. Men are also vulnerable to depression as they find it a little more difficult to share feelings etc with friends and family. Shed groups are working wonders up and down the country to tackle these problems often without even trying.

Everybody is welcome to share the joy, as there is also a very tentative but growing cluster of women’s sheds, and as they are becoming established it has become customary for members of local men’s sheds to lend a hand. They can help with things like assisting with using machinery which some may be unfamiliar with. Yet another way that these shed initiatives are bringing people together.

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