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sm sheds1It’s British summer time, and although the weather has been contradicting the time of year, we’re entering a seasonal phase where we see a significant increase in garden thefts. Research shows that in the weeks after the clocks have gone forward, garden robberies rise by twenty percent, and often peak around July and August. If you’re growing concerned about the security of your lawn space, read on to get a few tips on keeping your shed or outhouse super secure.

It’s not difficult to believe that the thieves tend to target power tools and gardening equipment – these items can be expensive and are well sought after. It just so happens that power tools such as lawnmowers, drills and chainsaws are rapidly sold on, so it’s no surprise that they’re popular with these summertime burglars. However it’s not only the pricey electrical equipment. The list goes on to include all kinds of common things such as rakes, spades, ladders and even patio furniture! It’s essential to the safety of your various gardening possessions that everything is secured away inside your shed or outhouse.

You have to make sure that your shed is big enough and secure enough to protect those items, particularly at this time of year. It is important to keep equipment out of view, and even better to ensure your shed is of high quality and has the very best of security. Rusty padlocks must be replaced, and the shed itself has to be tough and strong to firmly defend your innocent property from the thieves. If you’re in need of a supplier with a vast collection of high quality, heavy duty sheds, locks and accessories, then you can turn to SM Garden Sheds.

SM Garden Sheds have an enormous collection of metal, plastic and wooden sheds, all of outstanding quality and with a price range to suit any budget! We also have everything you need for secure, garden storage and all the extra accessories that you’ll need to accompany your new, extra safe shed.

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