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It’s great to potter in the shed, or indulge in your hobby of model making, creating art, practising woodwork or tinkering with gadgets, but it can sometimes get a bit lonely. Lots of men find that especially once they have retired, they are at a bit of a loose end, with nothing to occupy them. Even if they had a mundane or difficult job, they may still miss the camaraderie and social aspects that going to work provided.

Fortunately there emerged the unique concept of Men’s Sheds, which has been a life saver for many, to use their own words. These sheds [well it can be any meeting place really] have quickly become huge all over the world, giving men a place to ‘be’ with something meaningful to do. They are popping up everywhere in all parts of the UK, allowing men to meet other like minded souls, and work on their own or group projects. There is also a fair amount of laughter, light hearted ribbing, tea drinking and more importantly, talking going on in these sheds!

The sheds are all pretty diverse as the men themselves decide exactly how they will be organised, but everybody is welcome, and working alongside others means sharing tips, knowledge and methods. Some shed members even produce things like planters and tubs for the local community, which can be extremely rewarding.

The UK Men’s Sheds Association is a firmly established charity who have an AGM and hold a ShedderFair, which consists of workshops, demonstrations, refreshments, talks and challenges. They also have their own members shed of the year contest to get the competitive spirit going, and this years winner was Dalbeattie Men’s Shed, Scotland. There is a ‘New Sheds on the Map’ page on their website helping people to find their nearest Men’s Shed, plus help and advice for anybody wishing to start up a Men’s Shed.

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