Special Edition Lotus Heritage Metal Shed on Sale

Posted: 12/29/16 3:34 PM, In category: Uncategorized

High Quality Metal Sheds with Matching Window Kit & Skylight, Outdoor Storage Buildings

lotusLooking at ways to get our first class products to you at rock bottom prices is a sort of hobby of ours, so if we can somehow reduce the price – happy days! The latest storage shed we have been able to reduce is the Special Edition Heritage Metal Shed from Lotus. It’s labelled ‘special edition’ as it includes a matching Heritage Green Window Kit and a Skylight. The window kit features a sliding window and attractive decorative grill. Sized as 6X5 and 8×6, this is one of our most popular garden sheds, ideal for a wide range of storage needs.

Designed with fewer parts this model represents a practical and functional outdoor storage solution, with ease of assembly. It is manufactured using heavy gauge hot dipped galvanised steel, has ventilated gables, is low maintenance and rot and rodent proof. Taller than usual wall heights make these sheds comfortable to use too, with no awkward stooping.

This shed was researched and developed for two years by experts in light clad metal shed design, allowing researchers and engineers to work together to produce a stronger, more durable storage solution. Brand new steel rolling equipment was used within the factory environment, to form the robust body of these sheds.

There have been concerted efforts to perfect the design of these Lotus sheds, and modifications performed where necessary. This includes the complete redesign of the door glide, providing an exceptionally stable and balanced opening. The highly user friendly instruction manual is simple to follow, and there is even an available video to demonstrate the process. Customers comment that assembly is more of a pleasure than a chore.

So you get all this, and the best news is we have reduced their price! You will find regular discounted products scattered throughout our busy website, and for an unbelievable bargain check out our ‘unwrapped sheds’ page.

Light Clad Steel Garden Buildings with Ease of Assembly, Low Maintenance & Rot & Rodent Free

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