Steel Storage Sheds with Unique Features

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Practical & Functional Steel Outdoor Buildings, Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Garden Storage Sheds with Sliding Doors

If you are searching for a storage shed which will actually enhance your garden, and provide a functional, maintenance free and secure storage solution look no further than our garden shed and outdoor storage website. We love finding something that will surprise and delight our customers, without compromising on quality. We are committed to offering only high quality, metal, plastic and timber sheds, which have been extensively checked out by us, and that will give many years of service. Some cheaper sheds from general suppliers, seem like a good deal until they develop rust spots or other faults within months of assembly.

Let us tell you about some of the stars of our show!

Picture an attractive and elegant outdoor garden building with a stylish handle and a door that glides effortlessly at the lightest touch of the hand. A metal garden building with equal measures of both strength and good looks in dramatic cream and black. This eye catching combination is also perfectly described by terms like robust, secure, practical and low maintenance. We are of course talking about the Takubo steel shed range with models like the Takubo Yokohama Prestige 6×5, Takubo Sapporo 7×6, the Takubo Osaka 9.5×7.5, and the Takubo Cabinet 5×2. There is little chance of condensation with this shed, due to its advanced ventilation system. A sturdy lockable cylinder lock ensures that these sheds are not easily accessed by undesirables.


Another winner in our selection is a shed that oozes confidence and class with its dependability and cleverly unique feature. The Duramax Palladium is the latest addition to the Duramax family here at SM Garden Sheds, and one which our customers already love. Not just a handsome devil, the Palladium which is available in two sizes, and boasts the usual superior Duramax galvanised, powder coated steel construction, has yet another talent. It has a practical front sited skylight at the top of its generously tall wall! This allows plenty of daylight to flood into your shed, a big help when organising your stored lawnmower, bicycle, electric tools, DIY materials and anything else that calls this shed ‘home’.


We stock many many other impressive storage buildings, but don’t take our word for it, have a look around the website, and prepare to be spoilt for choice!

Metal Outdoor Buildings with Front Skylights, Steel Garden Sheds, Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Storage Buildings

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