Tracking and Locating Cars, Caravans and People

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SM Garden Sheds would like to draw your attention to the services and innovations of our marketing partners,

Tracking-Locating design and  manufacture personal and property tracking devices. It is a sad fact of life that cars and caravans are stolen every day. Far more worrying is the fear of child abduction. Tracking-Locating have developed a range of remote tracking devices ideal for monitoring the whereabouts of people, vehicles and property.

Tracking-Locating work with caravan and motorhome dealers and manufacturers to design tracking systems that meet their specific requirements. Once fitted, tracking devices are monitored by a 24 hour in-house call centre. In the event that a caravan or motorhome is moved to an unspecified location, operatives can raise the alarm and coordinate the response.

A similar system has been developed for the vehicle rental industry, allowing businesses to know there whereabouts of hire cars, vans, trucks and minibuses. Through a combination of low earth orbit satellite tracking and mobile phone technology, tracking systems developed by Tracking-Locating are affordable and easy to install.

Tracking devices for children can be fastened onto wrists, shoes or clothes. They are inconspicuous and difficult to remove without the pass code. Tracking-Locating have now developed the Locator Plus. This small gadget – rather like a mobile phone – is ideal when out with children in crowded places. The tags that are worn as wristbands relay an alarm should the child or children wander outside a pre-set safety zone.

For cars, caravans, people or property, Tracking-Locating brings increased security and peace of mind. For more information visit

Monitoring, Tracking and Locating Cars, Caravans and People


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