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Wood is the material of choice for many when choosing a new garden shed, preferable to metal or plastic for a number of reasons. The type of wood varies, but usually softwoods like pine or spruce are used. Larch or Douglas fir are also popular woods for shed construction, thought to be a little more resistant to rot. These versions are pretty pricey though so pine is a favourite for these traditional looking outdoor buildings.

Metal and plastic sheds are being seen more often nowadays in UK gardens, as they have certain advantages and selling points like low maintenance, ease of assembly, fire resistance and security. Although some metal sheds can suffer from condensation, and both metal and plastic sheds are not particularly visually appealing to many.

When it comes to size, a 6ft x 8ft shed is an ideal choice, with twice as much floor area of a 6ft x 4ft model with room for a workbench or indoor shelving options. The Shire Overlap Double Door (8×6*) Wooden Shed is an good example of excellent quality, featuring hidden extras like top and bottom supporting rails on the inside of each wall, as opposed to only on the top. This model also has no windows, an advantage if you have expensive items like motorbikes that you want to keep out of sight.

A feature seen on high quality timber sheds, is a roof overhang of at least 5cm to prevent rain from running down walls. The absence of this can encourage rotting and leaking as rain is allowed to enter. Test your wooden shed by standing inside and noticing if there are any chinks of light showing through [apart from the windows of course]. If there are gaps, the shed is likely to let in water, damp and pests.

Like many happy garden owners, there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy your timber shed, and you can treat or paint it in a range of attractive shades. There are even competitions to enter if you fancy letting your imagination run wild, and transforming your wooden shed!

Wooden Garden Storage Shed, Easy Assembly, Space Saving Outside Tool Storage, Shelving Options

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